Legal Fees

The following is an indication of the fees charged for legal advisory and litigation work, including fixed fees for certain court applications. Please click here for more detailed information about our fee policies and options, including fixed fees and retainer arrangements.

Advisory work

Legal advice from a barrister is normally presented in the form of a legal "Opinion". The word "opinion" in this context is a technical legal term which refers to a piece of researched legal advice. The barrister will first consult with the client, seek inspection of various documents and then carry out research in order to answer the legal issues raised by the client's case. The amount of work involved in furnishing an Opinion - and therefore the amount of fees charged - will depend on the complexity of the issues raised.

Below is an indication of the fees charged by our barristers for commercial Opinions, including client consultations.

Fixed-fee court applications

Because of the nature of some court applications, we are able to provide them on a fixed-fee basis. These include certain applications under the Companies Act 2014 and applications for judgment by or against companies. The following is a non-exhaustive list of our fixed-fee court applications:

These prices include the briefing of Counsel only. If you do not already have a solicitor, we can instruct both a solicitor and Counsel for you. Further information about the above applications - including the fees for instructing both a solicitor and Counsel - may be found here.

Court applications and representation

Apart from the above, there are hundreds of other situations in which you may require representation in court. The work involved for lawyers in most of those cases depends entirely on the specific facts of your case. It is therefore impossible to provide any accurate fee estimate on this website. However, you will always be given such an estimate at the earliest opportunity, once Counsel has reviewed your circumstances and the nature of the application to be made.

In addition to court representation, we also represent clients in negotiations, mediations and arbitrations. As with most court applications, the amount of fees charged in those cases will depend on the specific facts and legal issues. We will provide a fee estimate once this has been established, at the earliest opportunity.