Fixed fees, no worries

Company Restorations

We are pleased to offer a fixed fee for applications to restore a company to the register under Part 12 of the Companies Act 2014. The need for such applications arises where the company has been "struck off" the register for more than 12 months, usually for failing to file its annual return. Once that happens, the only way to regularise the company's affairs so that it can continue trading is by applying to the court for its restoration to the register. Such applications may also be made in respect of Friendly Societies, and Industrial and Provident Societies.

Restoration applications are normally made unopposed but require the written consent of a number of statutory bodies.

Our fixed fee restoration service covers the following:

Price:: €3,750 plus VAT plus outlay
Price for Counsel only: €2,400 plus VAT* plus outlay

*This option is suitable if you are a solicitor or already have a solicitor and only wish to instruct one of our specialist Counsel.