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Drafting legal documents


Legal agreements are probably the most important things any businessperson will consider in their commercial dealings with others. They regulate every aspect of the relationship, from the price of a product to the remedies of a party when things go wrong. Indeed, it is usually when things go wrong that the quality of a legal document is tested. It is for that reason that businesses are well advised to ensure their documents are drafted and reviewed by legal experts who can advise them before the event.

With Ireland quickly becoming a centre for commercial activity in Europe, we are finding a significant increase in demand for legal advice about Irish contract law. Specifically, an increasing number of legal agreements are being entered into with Irish entities or being made subject to Irish law. A lot of these contracts are drafted abroad, by lawyers who do not practice in Ireland. Unfortunately, we are finding that a significant number of such legal documents are ineffective or do not provide sufficient protection to the client. Much of our work has involved reviewing and correcting contracts in such circumstances - including some which were originally drafted in a foreign language and translated using Google Translate! We advise against such practices; the contract is the foundation of your business, so make sure it is solid from the beginning.

What we do

We specialise in drafting and reviewing commercial agreements for use in Ireland and abroad. They are drafted to the highest possible standard by experts in Irish and English law.

If you already have a legal document and require someone to "check over" it before finalising it with the other party, we can review the document to ensure it meets your requirements and affords you the best protection available in the circumstances.

What kind of documents can we draft and review?

The following are some examples of the documents we can draft and review. This is a non-exhaustive list, so please contact us if the document you require is not listed here.

Fees for drafting legal documents

The fees charged for drafting or reviewing legal documents will naturally depend on the kind of document involved and the complexity of the matter. We will discuss this with you beforehand and, based on the information you provide us, we will give you a fixed quote for the work. We prefer to work on a fixed-fee basis rather than charging an hourly rate. The reason for that is because drafting or reviewing legal documents (even straightforward ones) is an extremely time-consuming process. We estimate that, on average, our customers save 40% plus VAT from our fixed-fee policy over the price they would have paid if we charged Counsel's standard hourly rate.

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