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The remedies available to creditors of companies are, for the most part, the same as those available to creditors of natural persons. There are, however, some important additional remedies available where debts are owed by companies. They include the procedure for the compulsory winding up of an insolvent company under section 569(d) of the Companies Act 2014 or the various reliefs available under section 567 of the Companies Act 2014. Beyond getting paid their debts, creditors will also be eager to ensure that their interests are properly represented in a winding up of the company, for example by the appointment of their choice of liquidator, and where the company goes into examinership.

We specialise in advising and representing creditors of all kinds: actual, prospective and contingent, secured and unsecured. Please see below for more information on how we can ensure you get paid quickly and cost-effectively.

Legal Advice

Corporate creditors will normally require legal advice in getting paid their debt. The advice may range from whether or not the debt is actually owed (for example where the company disputes the debt or its amount) to the best method of getting paid. The creditor may be a natural person or itself be a company. It is important to remember that there are a vast many legal options available to corporate creditors. As a result, it is necessary to ensure that you receive comprehensive advice which takes account of all of them - not just the most standard ones.

We specialise in corporate debt recovery meaning that, whatever the issue, we are confient of giving you the answers you need to get paid.

The following are a handful of examples of situations where we have advised corpoate creditors:

Legal representation

In the case of creditors, legal advice is normally followed by legal representation, whether this involves representation in negotiations, mediation, arbitration or court proceedings. We are pleased to be able to provide highly specialist representation in all these forums. The key consideration is ensuring that your get paid your debt as quickly and cost-effectibely as possible. This will involve making sure that you use the correct, and most efficient, legal enforcement procedure available in your circumstances.

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