Fixed fees, no worries

Summary Judgment

The summary judgment procedure is available to anyone owed a fixed debt which is not capable of being disputed by the debtor. An example of this would be a contract debt owed to a supplier of goods and services. If the purchaser refuses to pay for the goods/services then it may be possible for the supplier to apply to court for summary judgment. One of the benefits of this procedure is that it is much quicker and less costly than ordinary court proceedings.

If you or your company are owed a debt and wish to obtain judgment against the debtor then give us a call and we can advise on whether the summary judgment procedure is available in your circumstances. If it is, we will be able to make the application for you on a fixed-fee basis.

Our service includes:

Price range: €2,200 - €3,400 plus VAT*
Price for Counsel only:: €1,400 - €1,900 plus VAT* **

IMPORTANT: The prices quoted include everything involved in the summary judgment procedure but do not cover the costs of plenary proceedings, should the matter reach that stage. These applications are often (but not always) defended by the debtor and clients must be aware that they may be responsible for paying the debtor's costs should he/she succeed in his defence.

*Depending on the complexity and duration of the case.
**This option is suitable if you are a solicitor or already have a solicitor and only wish to instruct one of our specialist Counsel.