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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we get asked about our services, and the answers to them. We will be adding more as we get them so please check back from time to time, or you can email us if your specific question is not answered here

What is Corporate Legal?

Corporate Legal is a legal service for members of the public and certain professionals. The intention behind the initiative is to assist members of the public (and solicitors on behalf of their clients) in obtaining the best possible legal advice in the area of Irish company and commercial law, as well as representation in courts, mediations and arbitrations.

What are the benefits of using Corporate Legal?

Using our service has the following benefits:

  • We put you in touch with Ireland's best company law barristers, ensuring you get high quality legal advice and representation.

  • If you are seeking legal advice or looking to make certain court applications, we can give you a fixed quote at the outset. That way, you know what it will cost before committing to paying a penny.

  • Our affiliated barristers have undertaken to apply a discount in respect of fees for work received from Corporate Legal, meaning that fees are highly competitive.

  • Where you are seeking legal advice, we will let you know at the outset exactly how long the work will take. No waiting for weeks not knowing when your work will be carried out! In the case of court applications, we will keep you updated throughout the process.

  • Our affiliated barristers are experts with significant knowledge and experience of Irish company law. Click here to see what their clients have said about their work.

Who will be carrying out my work?

Your work will be referred to one of our affiliated barristers specialising in Irish company and commercial law, each with at least 10 years experience practising in the area and outstanding academic records.

Do you provide advice in areas other than company law?

While this website is dedicated to company and commercial law only, we do accept work in a number of other areas as well. More information about those is available on our partner site, Legal Counsel.

I'm a member of the public. Do I need a solicitor to contact you?

No. You may contact us for initial enquiries without a solicitor. We can pass your query to Counsel for some initial thoughts and comments. This will not cost you anything.

Can I avail of your services if I'm based outside Dublin?

Certainly. we advise clients in all parts of the country as well as international clients. It will be necessary to arrange a consultation with you; however, this can be done by teleconference or telephone. Where it is necessary to hold a face-to-face consultation in person, we can arrange this for a time and location which suits everyone.

I'm a company director. Can I represent the company in court?

Generally speaking, no. You will need a lawyer to represent the company in court.

How much will it cost?

The amount of legal fees will depend on the nature and complexity of the work. If the work involves providing legal advice then you will always be given a fixed quote at the outset. Where the work involves court representation then we will do our best to quote as accurate a fee estimate as possible. More specific information about our fees is available here.

How is Corporate Legal different from going to a solicitor?

Corporate Legal is not intended to replace solicitors and neither do we do the same thing as solicitors. Solicitors are general practitioners and are prohibited by the Law Society's Code of Conduct from holding themselves out to be specialists in particular areas of law. Barristers, on the other hand, are specialists in their respective areas of law. They are advisors to the advisors. That means that when you go to a solicitor for advice about a complex legal question, the solicitor will normally seek the Opinion of a barrister who specialises in that area of law.

The objective of Corporate Legal is to refer your work to a barrister specialising in Irish company law. He will provide you with some initial feedback and comments regarding your query. We can also help you find a solicitor if you decide to proceed with your case.

I already have a solicitor. Can I still engage one of your barristers?

Of course. If you already have a solicitor then simply ask that solicitor to contact us about your legal query. In that situation, we will put your solicitor in contact with our specialist Counsel who will be able to assist you.

Are your Counsel fully insured?

Yes, our barristers carry professional indemnity insurance, as required by the Bar Council of Ireland.