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Company and commercial barristers

What we do

We are Ireland's only service dedicated to referring members of the public to the country's leading company and commercial law barristers. Additionally, we refer solicitors and accountants from Ireland and across the globe to our team of legal experts. We are not a firm of solicitors ظ€ô our objective is to put you in touch with the best barristers and we do not charge a fee for this.

Our team comprises a number of highly qualified, experienced barristers with a proven track record of excellence in their respective areas of law. The team is headed by Mahmud Samad BL, an expert in all matters of Irish company and commercial law. You can read Mahmud's profile here. And here are some of the things clients have said about our barristers.

The difference between solicitors and barristers

Barristers are one of two kinds of lawyers in Ireland ظ€ô the other being solicitors. The difference between solicitors and barristers is very like the difference between the two main kinds of doctors, GPs and specialists. While the GP is equipped to handle routine work (check-ups, diagnosis, prescriptions etc), more complex matters need to be referred to specialist doctors for detailed examination and Opinions. It's the same with the law. Solicitors tend to deal with routine work such as making a will or buying a house. More complex issues involving specific legal questions and dispute resolution are referred to barristers. And just as with specialist doctors, each barrister has his or her own area of expertise. Our barristers at Corporate Legal specialise in company law, commercial law, banking law, corporate insolvency and debt recovery. Click here for more details about our specialist areas.

Our objectives

We aim to put you in touch with the barrister most qualified and experienced to answer your questions. Our agreement with those barristers is that:

Our Services

Our barristers provide the following legal services.

Legal Advice

This is the bread-and-butter of a barrister's work. Our experts routinely provide legal advice to clients in all areas of commercial and company law. The advice is provided in the form of a written Opinion drafted following consultation with the client and thorough research into the case. By obtaining a barrister's Opinion, clients are in a position to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their case and, as a result, are best placed to make decisions going forward. It is normally the first step in deciding whether to issue or defend legal proceedings. All our advisory work is carried out on a fixed fee basis so you never need to worry about the clock.

Legal representation in litigation and ADR

Barristers are best known for strutting around in courtrooms in wigs and gowns. And we are no different. Our barristers have decades of experience representing clients in complex commercial litigation. But we believe that the best lawyers are the ones who keep clients out of court. That's why, where possible, we will attempt to resolve disputes by mediation or arbitration before resorting to litigation. That saves our clients a lot of time, stress and money! We have significant experience of representing clients in these forums of alternative dispute resolution.

Please note that when it comes to legal representation, you will require a solicitor in addition to a barrister. In those circumstances, our barristers will be happy to recommend a solicitor based on your specific requirements.

Drafting and reviewing legal documents

In addition to providing legal advice and representation in the areas of company law and commercial law, our barristers also specialise in drafting legal documents. These can range from relatively simple shareholder agreements to complex commercial contracts. We also review documents for clients before they sign them. Typically, this means reviewing a contract or other legal agreement, and then advising the client about whether it is in their best interest to sign it.

Please note that barristers do not draft wills or attest/witness documents, for which it is advisable to consult a solicitor.

Retainer Services

If you own a business which routinely requires any or all of the services mentioned above but you do not require them often enough to justify hiring an in-house lawyer, we can help. Similarly, if you are a solicitor, liquidator, receiver or examiner who regularly requires Counsel's advice or legal representation, our retainer service may be for you.

The retainer service allows a client to obtain regular legal services from our corporate law specialists in exchange for a fixed monthly fee. The fee is highly discounted over the price the client would have paid if they engaged the barrister on an item-by-item basis. The service is tailored to the specific requirements of a client. Click here for more details.

International clients

Many of our clients are based abroad with interests in Irish companies. Some are directors, others are shareholders and others are thinking of starting a business in Ireland. We welcome enquiries from clients all over the world with an interest in Irish company and commercial law.

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